Southampton House of Prayer (SoHOP)

1. Overview
Southampton House of Prayer (SoHOP) will open in January 2019.
The house of prayer is a space set aside for focusing on God. People go there because they want to make time to be with God and to pray for family, friends, the city and beyond.
The initial location is the prayer room at Swaythling Methodist / City Life, 286 Burgess Road.
SoHOP will be open for 24 hours/week, from 9pm Friday to 9pm Saturday.
From 9am to 9pm everyone is welcome, regardless of whether they go to church or not. At night time (9pm to 9am) you have to be on the rota and sign up for slots.
The community that is running the house of prayer is drawn from across the Christian churches in Southampton. Through the Holy Spirit we live in the love of our heavenly Father because Jesus Christ died for our sins.
See Get Involved ( for how you can join us.

2. Launch on New Year’s Eve
The first meeting of SoHOP will be on New Year’s Eve 2018 from 9pm to 2am at All Saints Church (Sedbergh Road, Southampton, SO16 9HJ)
We will be praying in the new year (praying for ourselves, our families and our city). We will also be dedicating SoHOP.
The theme is "hope". Some activities will be for us all together - worship, prayer, communion. There will also be times for personal reflection and prayers. We will create a range of creative prayer stations.
There will be refreshments done on a bring-and-share basis – please bring a plate of nibbles to share, if you want.
Who is it for? This celebration is for anyone who wants to pray to God through Jesus Christ, to end the old year and begin the new.

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