SCM Thank you! 

Dear Southampton Church, His beloved.

We are writing to thank you all for your incredible support for those struggling in Southampton during this extended time of Covid crisis.

Right from the start of March we have been humbled by your generosity in giving money and overwhelmed by all of the food donations that are still coming in.

As you can see from this graph below charting the 16 weeks of Covid so far, the need for emergency food has been much higher than last year, as you would expect. The enormous spike in need of the first few weeks has calmed down to a manageable level for now, but we would not have been able to meet that need without so many of you responding so quickly and sacrificially. We remain prepared for an expected increase in people needing help as furlough ends and more people are made redundant.
Graph SCM

We have not been working alone but working together in partnership under the banner of Love Southampton with St Mary’s ‘Love your Neighbour’ food deliveries and Above Bar Church’s ‘Big Breakfast’  which under the untiring work of Sanjay has expanded to feed homeless in B&B’s, on the streets and several other groups. It has been so encouraging that due to your incredible donations we have been able to pass on 100’s of crates of food to our partners for them to distribute to those in need.
We were similarly overwhelmed by people volunteering in their droves following our appeal for help in the first few weeks. As so many of our existing volunteers had to isolate due to health conditions and age-related vulnerability, it has been a joy to welcome new temporary volunteers across all of our activities to plug the gaps. Now, as some furloughed workers return to work and many of our faithful volunteers are able to return to their voluntary work with us, it is appropriate to thank those who have held back and stayed home in order to reduce the spread of the virus for all. I know that many of you have found it frustrating to be stuck at home and not be helping at the food banks or on the van.
So thank you and bless you Church.
Can I encourage you to download our new, free Foodbank App and sign-up to our email newsletters, to keep in touch with what is happening across the city with SCM.

Info on Foodbank App here!

The light shines in the darkness and the darkness can never put it out.

08/07/20, 08/07/2020