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SCM Basics Bank - Need your Help! 

Basics Bank Volunteer Sign Up

Dear Friends

We need your help.

After today we will shut the SCM Clothes Bank but not our five FOOD Basics Bank venues. They are providing a vital emergency service to Southampton as we all cope with the knock-on chaos that the coronavirus is bringing. Any emergency will affect the poorest and those on the margins disproportionately and so it is here.

We need 3 things: daytime volunteers, food and prayer

We have over 120 volunteers that normally keep our Basics Bank venues giving out free food, clothes and love in Jesus’ name. Many of those volunteers have pre-existing health conditions or are in a high-risk group and are rightly isolating themselves for the duration. We REALLY need more volunteers to help us stay open and keep serving the city during this pandemic.

- We need people over 25 with a clean licence who can confidently drive our huge van.
- We need strong backs and healthy bodies that can cope with a long day of lifting trays in and out of the van.
- We need people to make-up food parcels from the shelves which involves bending and lifting one or two tins at a time.
- We need volunteers to work in the warehouse, sorting and storing the food.

If you are able to volunteer, please follow this link and fill in the details including which days you might be available. This is not binding; we just need a list of people we can ring to fill the ever-increasing gap in our workforce. PLEASE do not ring the office to offer volunteering but just fill in the form and wait to see if we ring you – the office is crazy busy!

Basics Bank Volunteer Sign Up

Make no mistake, by offering to help like this you are putting yourself in harms way for the sake of others. Christians through the ages have always done this in the face of plague and epidemic, it is a mark of the Church. But please count the cost, check with your families and with Jesus before you jump in.

We need more food supplies. We need them delivered to our warehouse in Millbrook so that we don’t have to allocate resource to go and collect them. Please see our website for a comprehensive list of what types of food we use, but at this time, if it is in a tin or a packet - yes please.

So much for all of us to be praying about. Good use of time if you are having to stay at home! For us here at City Mission you have read the above points and obviously we covet your prayers for our clients- that both their material and social, emotional, spiritual needs would be met.

We have a few key staff and volunteers that are pivotal for the running of both SCM and the Basics Bank project. We need these key staff and volunteers, and their families,  to stay safe and well and able to direct and co-ordinate the project. Particularly where the demand for help is increasing sharply, the advice and recommendations are changing daily and we will be introducing new volunteers at every level of the operation.

Thank you for standing with us sisters and brothers, pray for our city, remember the poor, stand in the gap, extend the Kingdom.

“The Light shines in the darkness and the darkness can never put it out.”



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