Citywide Prayer 

City Prayer update (Message from John Paul Oddoye and Richard Pitt)

We are continuing to coordinate the monthly city prayer gathering originally started by SCN in lockdown. 

The vision for these times is simple. We are hoping for a great increase of the presence and activity of the Holy Spirit in our city. Some call this revival, awakening, outpouring or empowering. Whatever name you use, this is what we need and this is why we are gathering for city prayer.

We hope that City Prayer will be hosted at a different church each month, celebrating the diversity of the Body of Christ in Southampton. We want to be together with people of all ages, all denominations, all cultures.

We do not believe that in 1 hour we can do all the praying that is needed for Southampton! Instead, in these meetings we are holding our city before the Lord, and seeking Him with a question (what is the prayer that leads to revival?). We believe the Holy Spirit will bless these times, resulting in new faith and stamina in our prayers.

It is our aim to speak personally to as many church leaders as we can to share this vision and ask for your support and involvement. Would you be able to attend yourself and encourage your congregations to attend? Can you recommend one of your congregation to lead a 15 min prayer session? Would you be able to host us one month?

We plan to meet on the first Sunday of each month at 7.30pm. 

The schedule: 

2 January 7.30pm – Consecrate ourselves for 2022 and pray especially for Schools.
Hosted by Covenant Church at the Destiny Centre, Kent Road, SO17 2LJ
6 February (time to be confirmed) –  Worship and prayer for the city with Pastor Benee Cullado and the congregation at Passion Church. The Warren Centre, Chestnut Road, Shirley Warren, Southampton SO16 6BR
6 March - TBC
3 April 7.30pm – Holy Savoiur Church, Bitterne

We will review this pattern early in 2022. If you have any feedback for us about these gatherings, please contact us.

More details are here!

If you have any suggestions or comments please contact us on

Yours in Christ,
Pastor John Paul Oddoye (Covenant Church)
Richard Pitt (Southampton House of Prayer)

22/09/21, 22/09/2021